Monday, 29 December 2014

A Good Time to Start!

Two more days to the new year, in this bloody hot Australian summer weather, this kitty has finally got her acts together and started a blog spot that she's been contemplating on for a long time. 

Why is it a good time to start? 

1. Australia is winning at cricket.
Okay, it's on top of the list because that's what's playing in the background as I write. It's a good enough reason for me to also win at this thing called LIFE. Not that I've been losing at life, but I'm definitely not a so-called successful person either. Let's put that aside, it's not a bad idea to take on a more verbal and proactive approach to my more shut-in and laid back cat-like lifestyle. 

Australia is 2-0 up in the test series. India in their second inning of 3rd test and is at 6/142 chasing our 384. I'm pretty sure we're winning this! No jinxing! 

2. I'm at a new stage of my career life.
Well, for someone who spent the last decade of my life on education, it is about time that I embark on a money-earning journey for the next few decades of the life to come. Although the current economy and the anti-science Abbott government have put a huge dent in the job prospects of a Chemistry Ph.D graduate, at least I am no longer a student! That counts as being an adult right, and the trick is to not give up until you get a job right? 

I'm not a very politically driven person, but there will be some complaining and whinging about the actions taken by the government, no matter what position they take.  For those who disagree with my political views, there's a nice way you can try to deal with it: you can bury you face in something soft and fluffy and pretend you're not seeing any of it. My cat does this to my fur collar when I take her to the vet, she thinks she's an ostrich! She is ├╝ber cute!! 

3. There are a lot of good things to look forward to in 2015.
The Cricket World Cup is being held in ANZ, yes cricket again. Lol. 
There are several interesting projects that I have set my mind to complete.
Looking into buying a little place of our own, after living with parents for the past couple of years... 
Having a healthier and more physically active lifestyle. I'm sure everyone has that on their New Year's Resolution list, but it's still better to have it than not. I'm a nerd and I like Sci-Fi, Anime and gaming, so I don't want to fall too deep into the geek category, since I'm already way too deep in the crazy cat lady category (even though I only have two cats)! 

Drum-roll, Dun dun dun...

Okay, the main reason for a new blog is to please the exhibitionist side of me. I have made several cosmetic and skin care product hauls that I really want to share with people and review them. My collectomania has finally found a chance to justify itself! My colourful and pretty and colourful collection of anything and everything!! 

I believe the first thing I'll be posting in the new year is my nail polish collections. Hopefully it'll entertain those of you who also enjoy hoarding pretty things.

p.s. I shall apologise in advance for the Chinglish and excessive use of exclamation marks throughout the blog. Everything is first draft and unedited because I'm spontaneous and excitable like that... Cats and keyboards don't get along very well after all. 

p.p.s. there will also be some lame puns from my husband, e.g. Cat-egory for Cat-lady, get it... 

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