Monday, 23 March 2015

Crochet Project: Boris The Wolf

This month's obligatory post is another craft related entry, but the end result this time is much Cuter! This little cutie was requested by a friend for her work related agenda, and she purchased the pattern on Etsy from this extremely creative seller. I'm very please to let you know that this post is going to be short and sweet, unlike the previous wishy washy essay-like posts. =P

I have made some variations to the final product, but the crochet pattern remained the same.
Sitting on the scratching post, invading the cat's territory!
The most obvious difference is the colour scheme; I used white, light grey and black for a less intimidating appearance (imo anyway) instead of the original colour choices.
Awwwwww!! Too cute not to be squished!
Oh the googly eyes! Bigger eyes always make things look cuter, or alien-like if they get tooooo big. This is natural selection at its best! #notbabycrazy
Auditioning for Saturday Night Fever with just the right amount of Boogie!
You think the ears look too small? Wolves actually don't have huge, stand up ears like German shepherds! Maybe the big, bad wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood, but this baby definitely doesn't need them!
Oh yeah, his head is also slightly crooked... Well adds to the derpiness, I guess?

Just to babble on like I always do, I absolutely adore wolves! They are my favourite animal and majestic as fuck! I would even move to Alaska or Canada just to be near them. Of course, they are no pets and wild at heart, but it'd be nice to have a wolf-dog hybrid as a pet. There aren't many documentaries or books on the interactions between human and wolves, but the ones out there are definitely heart-warming and soul touching. Here's a National Geographic article on A Wolf Named Romeo for a different view on this beautiful animal.

Obligatory cat photos nevertheless, don't think the cats liked their limelight taken away from them!
Ossi's "Don't Give A Fuck!" face and trying to push Boris off his pedestal.
Here's a wolf on a cat on a computer chair! Where am I suppose to sit?

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