Monday, 23 March 2015

Lipstick Week: Swatch and Review (Monday)

I am determined to wear a different coloured lipstick for each day of this week, just to annoy my husband because I can.

Apparently a lot of guys don't like kissing girls with lipstick on, I can imagine the reasons but I don't think it's enough to deter girls from wearing them. So suck it up, boys!

For each of the lipstick, I'll do a short review and some of my signature blah blah blahs. Lipstick is one of those really annoying make up items that differs heavily on personal basis, more so than other make up. I have put in a close up of my bare lips and a full mug shot (no make up other than lipstick) for skin tone reference. I try to take photos under the same lighting (bathroom selfie time, lol), so direct comparison can be drawn between the swatches. 


Maybelline - Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick in Enduring Ruby (#070)

Left: bare lips, Right: Two swipes and lined 

Indoor natural lighting without flash on a relatively sunny day.

  • Shade: A cool toned, bright, berry red (colour does not deviate on lips), Satin finish. 
  • Formula: Smooth application (glides on easily), moisturising, does not accentuate dryness (not settle in lines), highly pigmented, not sticky, minimal feathering, can easily re-apply, nice berry smell.
  • Staying power: slight initial transfer, long lasting (probably can last up to 14 hours), fades evenly, stains lips. 
  • Price: Cheap enough = plain packaging, decent quantity (3.3 g)
Left: blotted on tissue for a more matte finish, Right: After drinks, snacks, dinner (Garlic prawns & gnocchi in Arrabiata sauce), fruits, and some gentle smooching with the hubby. ;)

Final verdict: Probably the best drug store lipstick that actually does what is advertised. I know that dark colours will always have better staying power than light/nude colours. That aside, the lack of transfer makes it better than some high-end designer lipsticks, that's a big deciding factor for me. I have tried Giogio Armani Lip Maestro in 400, the amount of lipstick that I vigorously wiped off without affecting the colour on the lips both amazes and scares me... Anyway, can't think of any more to write and being kicked off the computer, Ciao! xo

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