Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Battle of the Matte Lipsticks: Nars vs. Inglot

So you remember that lipstick I bought while my husband went on a rampage in a toy store? I'm going to do a pretty comprehensive review and  comparison of that and another one in this post.

First, let me present the contestants and the Judge of this battle!
Inglot AMC Lip Pencil vs. Nars Pure Matte Lipstick with Judge Sirotan Pirate Henchman. (and my amazing skill at standing him up on his tail for this photo!)
Since I can't somehow insert a table to compare them side by side, we will just start with the short one. Some info about my lips: they are very dry and I bite and lick them a lot. I'm lazy so I don't re-apply much. This makes me a very harsh lipstick critic! ;)

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick

Colour: Bangkok (soft rose)
Thoughts: It is a muted nude pink with gold shimmer, so I don't know how it's classified as matte when the finish has a soft sheen to it?! It is not that pigmented actually, a little on the sheer side for a matte lipstick, so it needs a few swipes for full coverage. I just really like this colour, that's all.

Formula (from their website) : Contains wild mango butter for moisturising properties, long-wear applications, vitamin E and acai oil for antioxidant benefits.
Thoughts: There is no such thing as long-lasting moisturising lipstick, just does not happen with chemistry or physics! It is moisturising, it looks even when applied but actually feels a little gritty for my lips. It doesn't dry my lips out any more than they dry themselves out, lol. It's nowhere close to as long-lasting as the Maybelline one I reviewed last time, there will be no trace of it after lunch and coffee...

Price: $35 for 2 g from Mecca, so on the more expensive end for those with a budget.

Inglot AMC Lip Pencil 

Colour: No. 24
Thoughts: It is a dusty rose pink, and definitely a matte finish. It looks warmer with an orange undertone on the back of the hand and in the tube, but appears to have a neutral-cool tone when applied. It is quite pigmented and looks pretty pink on my lips.

Formula: Not much info on their website, except for avocado oil for a moisturising, long-lasting effect.
Thoughts: Compared to the Nars lipstick, this one is not very moisturising. It is essentially a fat lip pencil, it still sits in the lines of the lips a bit but the application is much smoother. Again, nothing is as long-lasting as my Maybelline one, but this one is pretty good. It fades pretty evenly after lunch and dinner, and the lips look a little stained. The only downside is dryness I guess...

Price: $23 for 1.8 g from Inglot stall, not bad if you don't sharpen and waste it too much. Yes, it comes with a convenient sharpener on the end of the tube.

Pictures time!
Lippies out of the tubes, and Sirotan needed a rest from his previous magical acrobatic stunt!
Swatched on the underside of my forearm, Nars on top and Inglot on the bottom.
Top: Indoor fluorescent light (everything looks yellow! >.<) 
Bottom: left - natural outdoor light (cloudy), right - stain after rubbing off with tissue.

On the lips, Nars on the left and Inglot on the right. The lighting is slightly different but both under natural indoor light.
Inglot still had plenty left after food, but the dryness?! You ask where's Nars? All in my stomach with the food and drinks!

The left-over Inglot lips looked fine from far away, and I really hate the yellow undertone from the fluorescent light! Sirotan and I think Inglot is the winner of this battle, since dryness can be solved by some lip balm, but the lack of lipstick is the end! :p

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