Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Procrastination Update: All the cute things!

This post is to make up for the previously failed "Lipstick Week" post, I only lasted 4 days of lipstick in that week...

I'll start my redemption by posting the Scottish cousin of Boris the Wolf; say hello to Hadrig the Fox!
He is based on the same crochet pattern as Boris, with larger ears and additional whiskers, and of course, orange in colour.
 Hanging (like my pun?) with Kurosuke (Studio Ghibli Sootball) as the guardians of the TV. 

Hope you're ready for more "Awwwwwww"s! This is what happens when you led your husband off the leash while you're trying to buy a lipstick... The review of this amazing lipstick can be found here.
Deadpool and Groot Bobble Heads <3
Being a die-hard Deadpool fan, hubby just had to buy him to go with our Deadpool Smorking Labbit (yes, that is the correct spelling of this brand of toys). At least the colours of these two match, they both have red and black...

Anyway, these should be enough for your daily "Awwww" dosage, if not, here's a link to more on Reddit. :p

Finally, a celebratory photo of my Ph.D graduation! ^^ Think it still counts as an "Awwww"moment.
Just some extra information that no one else cares about; The University of Sydney DOES NOT have a floppy Ph.D hat! So the only way to tell you apart from dodgy undergrads is the colour of the red hood, I got totally shafted! :( Can you see how the colour scheme of this post has translated throughout? The colour of foxes is called red, even though it is clearly not red, and Kurosuke is black, duh!

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